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Vehicle Emission Testing in Toronto & GTA

North York Emission Testing

If you own and drive a car in the Greater Toronto Area, then you know about Ontario's Drive Clean emissions control program. This mandatory program is legislated by Parson's Protect Air through Ontario's Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Transportation. The regulations under Drive Clean vary for different types of vehicles, so it is important to know all the facts. You must test your vehicle any time a new or used vehicle is sold or once it reaches its seventh birthday and every two years after. As well, if you do not make the grade, you will be required to pay for any deemed necessary repairs. The service experts at North York Chrysler are here to help and inspect your car, truck, SUV, and minivan. We are an official legislated Drive Clean Testing facility and are committed to providing you with expert advice and the most current information on all makes and models including Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM, and FIAT.


Drive Clean 

This emission control program was first introduced in 1999 and was created to remove from the road older vehicles that did not limit the amount of particulate emissions. Cars, SUVs, and light trucks that weighed less than 4,500 kg and were over three years old had to go through emissions test every two years. For heavy-duty trucks and buses at least a year old, the testing was to occur annually. The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) monitors Ontario's drivers through a team known as the "smog patrol." This team travels around the area in vehicles that are equipped with mobile testing equipment that allows for roadside emission tests. Along with visual tests, the Smog Patrol is in place to make sure that no one attempts to circumvent testing or remove emission control equipment. Refusing to follow testing rules can result in a ticket, summons, or even the seizure of your licence plates.

Some changes have occurred over the years since implantation of Drive Clean including:

  •       A switch from tailpipe emissions testing to the use of the On Board Diagnostics (OBDII) port under the driver's side dashboard
  •       The tightening of vehicle emissions levels, first by 11.5% (versus EPA standards)  in 2003 and then another 11.5% in 2005
  •       An important note is that as for April 1, 2017, a Drive Clean test is no longer needed for ownership transfers resulting from buying a used vehicle, and initial registration of out-of-province and out-of-country vehicles.  Vehicles seven years and older undergoing a family transfer where the retail tax exemption is used, require a Drive Clean test if that vehicle is due for a test at the time of the transfer.

If you do need maintenance due to a failed Drive Clean Test, North York Chrysler is here to help. Our highly trained Service Centre experts are specifically trained to work on your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM, and Fiat vehicle. You can also take advantage of our Mopar Express Lane that offers a fast and convenient way to allow our auto technicians to perform a complete preventative maintenance check of your vehicle's major components. To learn more about the Drive Clean program or the North York Chrysler Service Centre, please contact us directly or visit the Drive Clean website.