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Tire Pressure Safety

Tire Pressure Safety

What is My Correct Tire Pressure? North York Chrysler in Thornhill - Serving Toronto

Your recommended tire pressure is printed on a sticker in your glove compartment, door jam or fuel filter door. This is the ideal pressure for the tires when used on your specific model vehicle. Note: The pressure on the tire wall is the maximum allowable air pressure, not the recommended pressure.

Make sure to check your tire pressure once a month. At the same time, inspect your tires for uneven or unusual wear.

"Tire pressure will change with the seasons,
so in winter months make sure they are not under-inflated."

"Proper tire inflation pressure is the specified air pressure given by a car maker for a certain tire on a specific vehicle. This pressure specification should not be confused with a tires maximum pressure, which is usually listed on the tires sidewall." - Car Care Council

If your tires are not inflated to the correct specifications, they can be dangerous and cause and accident. Here is why the correct tire pressure is so important fro your safety.


If your tire pressure is too high, your tires are over-inflated and have less contact with the road. This gives your tires less grip and traction, thereby decreasing your braking power and increasing your effective stopping distance.

Over inflation also increases tire wear in the center portion of the tread and exposes your tires to damage from objects on the road and potholes.

Your ride won't be nearly as comfortable either because your tires will be "bouncing" on the road.



Now you have the opposite situation and too much of your tire is in contact with the road. This makes your tire hot and may result in overheating. In the worst-case scenario, this may cause tire failure. Under-inflation also increases tire wear on the tread at the edges and decreases your fuel economy.WHAT IF I HAVE UNEVEN TIRE PRESSURE

If your tire pressures are not equal, your car will pull to the left or the right. You will feel this pull through your steering wheel.

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