Winter's here in full force. And sure, the snow is quite beautiful here in Ontario. But there's no denying the accompanying window frost gets quite annoying during your morning commutes. And doubly so when the frost builds up inside your car! But worry no more, as we've got a few tips to stop the inside of your windows from frosting. So, let's take a closer look at some of the simplest car maintenance you'll ever do.


What Causes Windows to Frost on the Inside?


We all know frost is a common side effect of cold weather. But what about the frost on the inside of your car windows?


Usually, this results from excessive amounts of humidity inside your car. And usually, you won't see it until temperatures drop below 0-degrees C. The reason for this is that the humidity literally freezes to your windshield by this point, creating the frost.


So, what causes all that humidity?


The biggest culprit is usually snow tracked from you or your passengers. From here, the moisture melts and settles in your car.


The other big cause results from leaks and cracks in your windshield and hoses. But thankfully, these can be fixed with some quick car servicing.


How Do You Remove Internal Car Window Frost?


Removing internal window frost isn't quite the same as getting it off your outside windshield. After all, your window doesn't curve the same way on the inside of your car. So the conventional scraper isn't your best option here. Instead, consider these tips:


Option 1: Use a heated cloth or hand warmer. By doing this, you'll melt the ice off your windshield quickly and efficiently.


Option 2: Position your vents toward your window and turn your heaters on full blast. Again, you're heating the ice off your windshield when you do this.
Whatever option you choose, make sure you don't use a wet rag or any water for that matter. This only creates longer-term problems with the water freezing to your windshield and creating more frost.

How to Prevent Internal Car Window Frost


Okay, time for some preventative measures.
The first step here is quite simple. Shake any snow off before you enter your car. And while you're at it, be sure to drain your floor mats whenever the snow collects on them. This way, you won't have any moisture to freeze to your windshield.
Also, if you leave your car parked in the garage overnight, crack your windows slightly to allow the moisture to leave your car.
If you don't park in the garage, then you can opt for rice or moisture absorbers to control the humidity inside your car and reduce your frost build up.
And lastly, take your car to get serviced to fix any cracked or damaged windows. Also, be sure to get your other systems inspected to ensure the problem isn't with anything internal.

Stop Frost Build up and Get Your Car Serviced at North York Chrysler Jeep Dodge



Internal frost is annoying. So take your car into our service centre to ensure the humidity isn't resulting from anything major, like a broken hose. Plus, with car care this simply prevents larger issues from ensuing in the future. So, bring your car to CarHub North York Chrysler to put an end to internal car window frost.