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Service Your Fluid System

Service Your Fluid System

When you invest in a new or pre-owned vehicle from North York Chrysler, keeping it in top shape is important. One of the best ways to prevent breakdown, mechanical damage, and accidents is through regular fluid checks. The service experts at North York Chrysler want to offer our customers fluid system tips to help properly maintain your car, truck, minivan, or SUV.

Service Your Motor Oil

Nothing will ruin your vehicle quicker than engine damage. One of the best ways to ensure engine health is through proper lubrication with fresh motor oil. Before you check your oil levels, we suggest that you let your engine cool for about five minutes and make sure the car is on a leveled surface.

Service Your Transmission Fluid

While there are many different types of transmissions available these days, including automatic and manual, all of them rely on transmission fluid to run smoothly. While automatic transmissions use only automatic transmission fluid, manual transmissions use a variety of oils including regular motor oil and heavyweight hybrid gear oil. As a rule of thumb, you should check your automatic fluid ever 30,000 miles and manual transmission fluid every 30,000-60,000 miles. While you can do this yourself, we suggest you visit a professional, like those in the North York Chrysler Service Centre.

Service Your Brake Fluid

If your car isn't running that is certainly a major problem, but if your brakes aren't in top shape you could be putting you and your family in danger. Brake fluid inspections are easy to perform and should be part of all vehicle safety checks. You should check your brake fluid at every oil change or at least once a year.

Service Your Coolant

Having proper coolant levels are important, especially during the winter months. Automotive coolant, also known as antifreeze, has a number of benefits including absorbing all heat generated from the engine. Most experts suggest that you use a 50/50 mixture of water and glycol coolant to allow for proper heat dissipation. You should check coolant levels often and flush and replace the engine coolant at 60 months or 100,000 miles.

Service Your Radiator Fluid

Radiator fluid helps keep your engine running properly and keep it safe from abnormal wear and tear. Our service experts suggest you check your radiator fluid often because if you have a leak or low levels, it can cause major problems like blown top headers, head gasket cracking, total engine seizure and failure.

Windshield Washer Fluid

While it is often overlooked, it can be hazardous to operate your car without windshield washer fluid. Check the reservoir once a month and make sure that the fluid level is above the minimum line.
If you want to learn more or have all your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM, or Fiat vehicle's fluids checked and/or replaced, we suggest that you visit the Service Centre at North Your Chrysler today. If you are short on time, please make sure to check out our MOPAR Express Lane service that allows you to drive right in with no appointment and have your fluids checked and changed usually within 30 minutes.

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