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Reasons you should Rotate Your Tires

Reasons you should Rotate Your Tires

It is important to rotate your tires to evenly distribute the wear, prolonging the life of your tires and your ability to maintain even performance from your your tires.


  • The front tires support over half the weight you your vehicle.
  • They are responsible for ALL-Steering and 80% of braking.
  • The Right side of your vehicle is exposed to a higher risk of hazard such as curbs & potholes.
  • Your tires wear at different rates, therefore they need to be rotated regularly.


Reasons to Balance your Tires
Maintaining proper wheel balance on your vehicle is crucial for saving lives and saving money. Improperly balanced and out-of-balance tires will cause a car to vibrate at certain speeds, usually between 60 & 80 km/h. Wheel Balance is a key aspect in tire wear. To get the most out of your tires it is important to keep your tires balanced.


A tire is out of balance when a section of the tire is heavier than the others. Even an ounce of imbalance on a rear or front tire is enough to cause vibration in the steering wheel even at 60 km/h. To balance a wheel, one of our service technicians will mount the wheel on a balancing machine that spins the wheel to find the heavier part. He will then adjust to balance the weight by attaching a lead weight on the opposite side of the wheel.


If you notice a vibration that wasn't there the day before, it is possible that one of the lead balancing weights fell off. If you feel the vibration mostly in the steering wheel, the problem is most likely in the front. If the vibration is mostly in the seat, the problem is probably in the rear.


How an imbalance creates vibration

Static Imbalance:

Occurs when there is a heavy or light spot in the tire that prevents the tire from rolling evenly and causing the tire and wheel to undergo an up-&-down motion
Dynamic Imbalance:

Occurs when there is unequal weight on one or both sides of the tire/wheel assembly's lateral center-line, thus creating a side-to-side wobble or wheel shimmy.

Wheel Balance is a key aspect in tire wear and it is important to keep your tires balanced throughout their life.  Even if you cannot notice the vibrations, they are often present. Uneven tread wear creates an imbalance that generates excessive heat and wear on your tires. Considering the hundreds of dollars tires cost, Wheel Balance is a wise investment. Inquire about our services Today!

This Simple & Inexpensive service can make your vehicle Safer & Save you Money.

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