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Reasons To Service Your Fluid System

Reasons To Service Your Fluid System

Your Vehicle is a major investment and may be dependent on everyday life. Checking the fluids regularly prevents breakdown, mechanical damage and accidents.

Service Your Motor Oil

Ensuring that your engine is well lubricated is key to maintaining your engine's health and preventing overheating, arguably your car engine's worst enemy. It is usually advisable to let the engine cool for about five minutes before measuring the oil level. You should also make sure the car is in a leveled surface.

Reason For A Power Steering Flush

Steering fluid is a form of lubrication used to assist your car's power steering system to run efficiently and smoothly. There are a number of reasons to perform this maintenance on your car.  With time, there's a buildup of sludge and grit that accumulates in the fluid.  If left unchecked, it can work its way into the rack and pinion seals which can destroy them and lead to leaking steering fluid.  To make matters worse, it can result in increased wear of the pump and the gear itself, causing serious mechanical issues.  Signs that it may need attention, include low fluid levels, and a noise that sounds like a growl when you turn the wheels.  It's generally a good idea to have the power steering fluid flushed every couple of years.  Our service team can help you determine if your car is ready for a flush so that you can avoid costly repairs down the road.

Service Your Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant of all the moving parts within your transmission. An array of fluids are used for different transmissions. Automatic transmissions use only Automatic transmission fluid while Manual transmissions use a variety of oils such as: regular motor oil and heavyweight hypoid gear oil.

Manual: Most manufacturers recommend that manual transmission fluid be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Depending on use.
Automatic: Service intervals vary from every 30,000 miles
Please consult one of our service technicians to discuss how to take care of your vehicle.

Service Your Brake Fluid

Brake fluid inspections are an important yet easy to perform vehicle safety check. Often car owners will complain about brake system problems, in particular about the way the brakes feel or sound. The car owner should have a basic education on things that they can check themselves as well as being able to recognize signs of a problem.

Service Your Coolant

Allow your vehicle to run properly. Adding the right mixture to your coolant system is important especially during the winter season. Coolant is the fluid that absorbs all heat generated from the engine. It is the coolant that then dissipates it through the radiator. Some of the heat is also dissipated by way of the heat exchanger in the passenger console during winters. You often call the Coolant as antifreeze. In fact Coolant comes as a mixture of ethylene or propylene glycol and water. Generally it is a blended mixture of either of the two glycols with water in equal proportions (that is, in a 50/50 ratio).

Service Your Radiator Fluid

llow the engine to run more cleanly and efficiently. This in turn will allow your engine to last as long as possible and keep it safe from abnormal wear and tear. If that leak is not fixed properly as soon as possible, your engine may overheat causing very costly damage including:

A blown out top header
Destruction of your radiator entirely
Cracking or blowing out the engine's head gasket<
Total engine seizure

Windshield Washer Fluid

Identify the windshield washer fluid reservoir (refer to the owner's manual if necessary) and make sure there fluid level is above "MIN" or as recommended in the manual. Add more fluid if needed. Remember that, even though the windshield washer fluid is not need to make the vehicle run, it can be hazardous to operate the car without fluid, especially in dusty or muddy roads where the windshield driving visibility can be compromised.

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