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Preparing For Your Car Service Reservation

Here are some useful tools for a fast and efficient service experience:

At this time our Express Lane is closed and all appointments should be pre-booked so we can properly prepare for your visit and ensure we comply with social distancing guidelines. There is no shuttle service available and no waiting on site, so please make arrangements for your ride if your car is being left with us.


Rest assured, we disinfect vehicles when they arrive and before we give them back to our customers.



Text Your Service Advisor


If you would like to get updates about your vehicle, we're happy to keep you informed. Of course we can do that by calling you with information, but if you prefer, we can also let you know what's happening by texting you.


Just let your Service Advisor know when you come in for your appointment that you would like text updates.

Clear, Detailed Communications To Help Us Help You


CarHub communication

If you have not already done so, please make a list of your concerns and services you would like us to address so that you don’t forget any of them, and send it to us ahead of time.


For intermittent problems, capture as many details as you can remember. Especially helpful things to share with us are:


  • How often does the problem occur?
  • In what circumstances does the problem occur (i.e. only when the vehicle is cold, or on the highway, or when turning right, etc.)?
  • What is noticed that is different (i.e. it makes a clunk, a light flickers, etc.)?
  • If you’ve been able to (safely) take a picture or video of the problem.
  • Anything else you can think of to help us recreate or diagnose the problem.


Wheel Lock Key: If You Have One Bring It

Wheel lock key

If your vehicle has wheel-locks, please make sure you have your wheel lock key. Put it in your cup holder and let your Service Advisor know it's there.

Appointment Time and Shop Time

CarHub Appointment

When you arrive for your confirmed appointment, drive in through one of our drive-through lanes and roll your window down - a Service Advisor will come to you and will:


  • Write up your concerns
  • Download what your vehicle’s computer has stored in it
  • Review your vehicle’s required maintenance schedule
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Communicate promised completion time (or interim steps as required)











While we do our best to accommodate appointment reservations, your scheduled time is not usually when your vehicle will get worked on. Especially in our busiest months (April-May and Oct-Nov) it is rare that your vehicle will go in to the shop right away. It’s not that we don’t want to take it in at that moment, it’s just that most days we have 25 - 40 vehicles proceeding through our shop and there are technicians with specialty skills that we have to coordinate across the entire pool of vehicles to efficiently meet our promise times to all of our customers.


So with that expectation, it is important to plan what you intend to do while your vehicle is being serviced.


* Please check the terms of your warranty for coverage.


Know Your Vehicle’s Required Maintenance Schedule

CarHub Schedule

While today’s vehicles are engineering marvels, they still need more than periodic oil changes. Every vehicle has its own unique, required maintenance schedule.


For Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Fiat vehicles, you can find and download a *.pdf of the schedule for your vehicle here… FCA Canada Vehicle Maintenance Guide. Select Warranty / Maintenance Booklet. Please keep in mind this is the minimum schedule. The responsibility to ensure even simple things like the level of oil in your vehicle is sufficient (oil monitors do not monitor this), is yours as the vehicle’s owner. The services listed in the Guide and those we recommend, decrease wear and tear (i.e. an alignment check, or brake services), reduce the chance of unexpected breakdown (i.e. transmission service), and otherwise ensure your vehicle continues to operate as it was designed.


If you have done service work at another facility, please bring those records so we can bring the knowledge of that into your vehicle’s maintenance plan.

Your Service Advisor is the best person to help you review your vehicle’s requirements and to help you build an expected maintenance plan for your vehicle, tailored to your driving habits.