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Jeep Patriot Outdoors

Jeep Patriot Outdoors

The affordable 2016Jeep Patriot offers much more than a seven-slot grille to prove it's a Jeep. This is a vehicle that's made for outdoor living. It is a natural by the beach, at the lake, on the campsite and even on the trail. This smart automotive package offers Jeep exclusives and a hardy attitude.

At your North York AutoDealership, we know the tough spirit of a Jeep is obvious in the Patriot's solid build. The performance-oriented engine and high ground clearance make it a good companion whenever you leave the main road. Like any good Jeep, it offers solid torque at a lower rpm, helping the 2016 Jeep Patriot move forward where another SUV might get stuck. The manual transmission is an asset on the trail, but the new CVT transmission offers special crawl features that make it a good pick, too.

Which Freedom Drive Would Work Best for You?

With Freedom Drive I, the Patriot has a four-wheel drivetrain that can tackle a rutted campground and other tough conditions. This 4WD has brake traction control which adjusts the controls to match conditions. The electronically controlled coupling system monitors which axle can best use the torque. A lock mode lets the driver choose a 50/50 split for real low-speed capability. For the most trail-rated capability, Freedom Drive II adds grade-sensing features and improves the crawl ratio. This allows it to tackle rugged conditions. It can even ford through 19 inches of water. The Continuously Variable Transmission has a tip start function to help you go even when conditions are against you. Hill Descent Control (HDC) is a good companion as you go up and down hills or tackle mountain inclines. The HDC regulates speed to protect your gears and brakes. With the Freedom Drive II package, a skid plate shields your fuel tank from debris.

Get Outdoors and Take In Some Fresh Air in a Jeep

An outdoor trip requires some gear. Your tent, sleeping back, hiking boots, and duffel bag can fit easily in the Patriot. The rear cargo hold is big enough for a weekend trip, but you can grab 52 cu.ft. when you flat-fold the rear seats. You also can split-fold the bench, using some seats for people and some for cargo. The available liftgate flip-up window gives users a quick way to access the hold without disturbing its contents. When you add adjustable roof rail crossbars to the standard roof rails, you've got an easy way to bring along the adventure gear that's too awkward to fit inside. For instance, you can add bikes or water skis. The available rear step-up pad gives you a boost.

The 158-horsepower Patriot is rated for a 1,000-pound tow. That's enough to handle a trailer with a four-wheel ATV or a motorcycle. The 172-horsepower Patriot is rated for 2,000 pounds. This allows drivers to bring along a small boat trailer, a jet ski, or a small folding camper. With so many cargo options, it's possible for shoppers to find the perfect Patriot to match their adventurous lifestyle. The Patriot offers a built-in trailer hitch and harness as well as factory-installed tow hooks.

Stay Comfortable and Connected While Inside of your Patriot

The Patriot cabin is a welcoming place for a long trip or a relaxing drive through the country. For the feel of an open air ride, drivers can retract the sunroof and let the spring air rush into the cabin. The sunroof is also great for enjoying a view of the treetops or the mountains. Often called Jeep's most surprising standard, illuminated cup holders makes a nighttime ride more hospitable. Front seats can be power-adjusted while the back seats can recline. Depending on your choice, the bucket seats can be covered in premium cloth, Katzkin leather, or Jeep's exclusive Ombre Mesh. The 75th Anniversary Edition offers dual-tone accent stitching and Moroccan Sun dash accents.

Even if they want to get away from it all, modern drivers still need modern connectivity. The Patriot offers:

·         The UConnect 6.5-inch touchscreen, which comes with a year's subscription to Sirius XM Travel Link. That can help you find your way out of the crowd and into the wilderness.

·         The Garmin GPS Navigation system, which also comes with the UConnect touchscreen. With GPS, you won't have to rely on phone connectivity to find the best route. It's always ready with turn-by-turn directions.

·         The UConnect system, with a one-year's subscription to Sirius XM radio. The system has a CD and DVD player.

·         An audio input jack

·         A USB port

·         An available 115-volt outlet

Jeep Always Provides the Best Extras

For tunes by the campsite, the driver can lift the hatch and enjoy quality sound. That's because the Patriot offers a true Jeep exclusive. Drop-down liftgate speakers bring the music outside. When the rear hatch opens, the speakers swing down. Jeep also makes available a special Boston Acoustics audio system. This premium unit has nine speakers and a subwoofer to deliver 368 watts of sound.

The trail, the crowded campsite, and the parking lot are easily conquered when you have the ParkView backup camera. This Patriot feature lets the driver see the bush, bike, car or person that is in the way. Drivers won't hit it if they can see it. In the rain or the dark, poor visibility is less of a problem with standard fog lamps and available heated side mirrors.

While the passengers are off on adventures, the Patriot has your back. The Sentry Key includes an engine immobilizer, keeping anyone without a valid key from driving the Jeep. The remote starter lets the driver start up the engine from 300 feet away. You can start cooling the cabin as you approach after a long, hot hike through the woods.

The 2016 Jeep Patriot has a value that extends beyond its asking price. As many shoppers know, it is one of the most affordable SUVs on the market. That's just one of the reasons that the Patriot has earned a major award from the leading auto appraisal firm. Kelley Blue Book has given it the five-year Cost-to-Own Award. This recognizes that, in its class, it costs less to operate and maintain the Patriot. The two-liter World Engine can earn as much as 30 mpg on the highway. This lets the Patriot driver go further while spending less at the gas pump. The automatic oil change monitoring system helps reduce unnecessary maintenance costs. It can also keep the driver from hitting the trail when the Jeep needs service.

For a camping trip, there's nothing like a Jeep. The Patriot is available in Sport, Sport SE, Latitude, 75th Anniversary and High Altitude editions.

Stop by our dealership to learn more about the 2016 Jeep Patriot. You'll be glad you did!

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