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Get Your Car Spring Ready!

Get Your Car Spring Ready!

Let's face it, your car took a heck of beating this winter driving through all the snow, slush, ice, and worst of all, salt. Since spring has just about sprung here in Canada, the experts at North York Chrysler think it is the perfect time to share some of our favourite spring car maintenance tips.

A Bag and a Box

If you're anything like us, there may be a few unnecessary things left over in your car from a long winter. Whether it's fast food wrappers, extra scarves, ice scrapers, or that extra blanket, this is the perfect time to do a thorough spring-cleaning. We suggest you take a garbage bag and a box and sort through everything, throwing out the garbage and saving the winter items for next year.

Switching Tires

As we've discussed before, seasonal tires are important. Now is the time to remove your winter tires and put your regular tires back on. If you wait too long, you can easily do damage to your winter tires because they are made with softer rubber that wears quickly on dry pavement. As a side note, this is also a great time to change out your wipers, because they take a terrible beating during the winter and you will want fresh blades to handle summer storms.

Clear the Air

Spring is prime allergy season, so it only makes sense to replace your vehicle's cabin air filter. This critical filter traps dust, pollen, and other foreign particles that are brought into your car through the HVAC system. We also suggest that you wipe down all the interior surfaces of your vehicle, including the dash, seats, belts, and steering wheel, at the same time so you can start fresh for spring. You should also wash and vacuum all mats other removable cloth surfaces.


While we started with the idea of cleaning the interior of your car, the best way to get the entire vehicle ready for spring is with a professional detailing. Each time you and your family stepped into your car during the winter, they tracked in dirt and grim. So, while this is certainly something you can do at home; why not treat yourself? Trust us, it will make you feel like your driving one of the new cars from the North York Chrysler showroom.

Full Safety and Fluid Check

Each time a new season arrives, it never hurts to do a complete safety and fluid check. We suggest that you do a number of things including:

Checking the tread and inflation levels of your tires
Changing your oil
Check and add needed fluids included washer, brake, steering, etc

If you are in a hurry, you can also bring your be vehicle into the North York Chrysler and take advantage of our Mopar Express Lane or get a complete Peace of Mind Safety Inspection. To learn more about how you can prepare your car for the joys of spring driving, contact the sales and service experts at North York Chrysler today.

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