"This is the first time in history that Chrysler Canada has offered a reservation program for a new vehicle," said Ed Broadbear, Chrysler Canada vice president for marketing.

"This initiative is in response to the high level of interest surrounding the launch of the Fiat 500, and the large number of Canadian consumers who have become passionate Fiat Followers on our Fiat Canada website, Facebook page and Twitter channel."

The Fiat 500 Prima Edizione will be made available in Bianco (white), Rosso (red) and Grigio (grey) and will have the Prima Edizione badge attached to them. As a touch of uniqueness, a sequential VIN and badge according to production order will come with each car.

All special edition models will be fitted with a manual transmission only, paired to the 1.4l MultiAir four-cylinder engine (reduced fuel consumption and increased power). Fiat will be offering the special edition in two equipment levels..




Whether you choose the white, red, or gray Fiat 500, each will sport complex alloy wheels from the 500 Sport and a prominent black stripe starting at the headlights, making its way below the side windows to the rear of the car. The number 500 appears in the body color just above the taillights. Be a part of history and reserve 1 of the 500 Prima Edizione at FIATCANADA at 12:01 11/23/2010 (500 ONLY)