Ultimate Dodge Muscle

So, the Hellcat Redeye is the combination between the Demon and the Hellcat. So with that said, you already know to expect a massive motor here. And you'd be right in doing so. To be exact, this engine is a 6.2-litre supercharged HEMI V8. And as far as power goes, expect 797 hp with 707 lb-ft torque. As a whole, that's enough for this car to race from 0-96 km/h in a rapid 3.4 seconds! That's easily one of the fastest cars you'll ever drive! 

For the transmission, expect an 8-speed automatic. So, you'll get some smooth gear shifts while you're pushing these incredible speeds!

Hellcat Redeye Design

Overall, the Redeye's design is pretty close to that of the Hellcat. You'll get two vents on the hood for a retro 1970s classic Dodge look. And the widebody package is here if you want an extra 8.9 cm added to your wheels.

As far as the inside of the car goes, you'll find more retro design choices. For example, you'll get houndstooth-pattern fabric as a standard option. But you can upgrade to leather if you're looking for a more modernized look.

Perhaps the standout feature here is that Hellcat Redeye emblem. You'll notice one on your speedometer. It's a typical hellcat but with an appropriate red eye. You'll also find this emblem etched into the leather seats if you opt for them and on your infotainment screen.

How does a Redeye Compare with a typical Hellcat?

Overall, you'll notice that the Redeye takes a few cues from the Dodge Demon. So, overall, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye is a faster car. Just looking at the basic specs gives this one away. For starters, the Hellcat only has 707 hp compared to the redeye's 717 horsepower.  And as a whole, you'll find the Redeye drives faster as well. For starters, its 0-100 km/h is about .2 seconds faster than the standard Hellcat.

As far as top speeds go, the Hellcat Redeye easily ranks near the top of Dodge cars. To be exact, the Redeye reaches 326 km/h. That's 12 km/h faster than the Hellcat and even 64 km/h faster than the legendary Demon. So with that said, the Hellcat is definitely packing some impressive tricks of its own!

Order Your 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye! 

So, does this massive speed sound like something you want from your Dodge? Then stop by North York Chrysler and ask about ordering your Dodge Hellcat Redeye today! And you can bet we'll be adding the Hellcat Redeye to our showroom floor the day it releases! So be sure to visit then to get a close-up look in person!