What Comes with the Sleek S Appearance Package? 

Who says a hybrid minivan can't harbour a sporty appearance?  The Chrysler Pacifica hybrid is here to prove just how sleek a minivan can look with the all-new S Appearance Package!

As far as exterior features go, you'll get Gloss Black colouring on all your basic accents. These include the grille, headlamps, and mouldings.  You'll also get the package's signature 18-inch Black Noise Wheels.  As the name implies, this feature adds an attractive black hue to your Pacifica Hybrid's wheels.  Along with the wheels, you'll get a black roof rack as well.

But the exterior colour hues don't end there. Instead, you'll also get your Chrysler Wings with the Black Noise colouring as well! So the world will know you chose the S package with your 2019 Chrysler Pacifica badge. Plus, in the rear, you'll also have an added "Pacifica," "S," and "eHybrid" badge as well in the black accent as well!

What does the S Appearance Package Add to the Interior?

The sleek colouring for the S Appearance Package isn't limited to the exterior. Instead, step inside your Pacifica Hybrid for an epic suite of sleek black and grey accents.

Starting off, all your seats will be black with Light Diesel Gray accents.  It's a subtle, yet pleasing contrast to say the least. The S logo is even there to remind you that you're driving one of the world's best designed minivans.

You'll also get the black and gray accents on the steering wheel, instrument panel, and door trim as well. And to finish off this package, your overhead console, cargo lighting accents, centre console, and visors all carry that sleek black colouring.

If you've ever wanted a sleek and modern touch to your minivan's interior, the S Appearance Package will satisfy that craving without a doubt.

Getting Your 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid with S Appearance Package

Previously, the S Appearance Package was only available on all-gas versions of the Pacifica. But Chrysler finally added the package to hybrid models. And quite frankly, black and "green" have never looked better together.

You can order your 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid today! Yes, that can even include the ultra-sleek S Appearance package as well. Visit North York Chrysler for more details! There's no doubt that this will be the minivan you'll want to drive for this coming year!

Keep in mind that previous models of the Chrysler Pacifica were the most awarded minivans of 2016 and 2017. And the 2019 Pacifica is looking to follow suit. So don't delay in ordering yours (with the S Appearance Package) today! Also, you can check out various trim options for Chrysler Pacifica 2019.